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Tips for selling your home right

Last but not least:
When your home is being shown, this 9 minute showing drill can help you go from shown to SOLD!

Occasionally you will receive a call to schedule a showing to take place within a tight time frame.

Sound: Turn off the tv and tune the radio to (low volume) soft music.

Sight: Turn on every light in the house (day or night) and open every drape (day time only).

Odors: Heat some frozen pastry slowly in the oven, or heat a pan on the stove and add few drops of vanilla.

Kitchen: Wipe counters. Place dirty dishes in the dishwasher.

Bathroom: Wipe counters, flush toilets, close lids and pick up towels.

Living Room: Hide magazines and newspapers and remove all clutter.

Family Room: Save as living room

Bedrooms: Straighten beds. Hide clutter under beds...not in closets.

Exterior: Put away toys and clutter. Keep walkways clear.

Kids and pets: Take a good long walk. Better out of the house than in the house

Goodbye: This is the single most important thing you can for a showing if you want your home to sell! Even if the showing agent insists that it is OK to stay, you must leave. Buyers must be emotionally committed to your home to buy it and they will have a difficult time doing it if you are around.

Clean: Get rid of clutter, debris, dirt and dust. Make everything sparkle!

Paint: Apply a fresh coat of a neutral color where possible. A buyer will not want to have to do the sprucing up after they move-in.

Repair: Fix leaky faucets, clogged drains, loose shingles, damaged screens and windows, replace light bulbs, etc.

Exterminate: One bug - dead or alive - can turn off a potential buyer. Air out fumes.

Organize: Make drawers and closets look neat and orderly. This gives a more spacious feeling to everything.

Update: New wallpaper, carpets, even bath towels can make a big difference in the buyer's eyes.

The little things: Loose doorknobs, sticking drawers are negatives. Fresh flowers, green plants, clean floors and counter tops are all positives.

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